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Fire Risk Assessment

A Fire Risk Assessment is defined as ‘a process for identifying fire hazards and determining the likelihood (risk) that such hazards will result in a fire’.

To assist you in meeting the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, PDP can provide fire risk assessments for your premises. The fire risk assessments are either paper based or online. The online system is designed to offer immediate updates to the risk assessment once actions have been completed, and therefore providing timely reminders of when tests and reviews are due. This is ideal for companies with many sites / buildings.

Legislation places a legal obligation onto the Responsible Person to carry out a suitable and sufficient assessment by a ‘Competent Person’. The appointment of a competent person will make the task less time consuming, more accurate and less costly for the Company. Insurers are increasingly requiring their customers to demonstrate that they are taking a responsible approach to fire safety – particularly for the safety of staff, customers, visitors and property.

All PDP risk assessments are carried out by qualified risk assessors and verified by a Member of the Institution of Fire Engineers.

Fire risk assessments have been completed by PDP on behalf of the Responsible Persons for the following industries:

  • Independent and special schools
  • Local authority schools
  • Hotels
  • Department stores
  • Production facilities
  • Warehousing and distribution centres
  • Residential care premises
  • Offices
  • Primary care trusts
  • Universities
  • Food production
  • Storage premises
  • Local authority premises
  • Sports stadiums
  • Armaments production facilities
  • Nuclear Installations
  • Places of public assembly

If you would like to find out more information on the fire risk assessment services PDP provide, call 01444 480444 or email