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Ground Source Heat Pump

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Our ground source heat pumps allow you to heat your home using renewable energy from the ground. The temperature a metre or deeper underground stays quite constant all year round. A ground source heat pump (GSHP) takes heat from the ground and boosts it with electricity – every unit of electricity can generate four units of heat.

You can make good savings by switching to a ground source heat pump, especially if you don’t have mains gas.

The UK government has set a target of net zero emissions by 2050. A ground source heat pump is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to heat your property with the lowest running costs. It is more expensive to install a ground source heat pump than an air source heat pump However with GSHPs offering up to three times as much renewable heat incentive income compared to air source heating (see calculator here) it is an option well worth considering if you have a larger than average sized property.

You can collect heat using horizontal trenched (dug on your property and then reinstated) or by using vertical boreholes. Boreholes are more expensive but require far less space and will work on almost all properties. If you have access to a stream, river or other water course then this can also be used as a source of heat and another option to consider.

Benefits of ground source heat pumps include:

  • The lowest running costs.
  • Most environmentally friendly heating option.
  • Little space required using boreholes.
  • Uses free sustainable energy from the ground around your home.
  • Unlike other renewable technologies, meets all hot water and heating needs.
  • Provides heating and hot water all year round.
  • Tested to -25 degrees.
  • Works with radiators* and/or under-floor heating.
  • Expected life span of approximately 30 years for the heat pump equipment and 100 years for the ground collectors.
  • Helps reach goals set out in Code for Sustainable Homes.
  • Flexible sizing.
  • Soft-start compressor reduces pressure on electrical supply.
  • No vent or flue required.
  • No carbon monoxide production – no risk of gas explosion or oil spills.
  • Electrically powered – no deliveries of oil or LPG.
  • Market leading product range.

* Radiators may need to be changed to be compatible with the ground source heat pump

 Our expert team can advise on:

  • Ground source heat pump technology
  • Specification of heat pumps
  • Installation of ground source heat pumps
  • Financial assistance including grants for ground source heat pumps.

For more information on call 01444 480444 or email, our team of experts will be happy to assist and advise you.

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