• Make a good investment
  • Reduce your electricity bills
  • Sell electricity back to the grid
  • Be energy efficient
  • Cut your carbon footprint
  • Be clean and green


Tesla Powerwall

PDP Services installed the first Tesla Powerwall battery in England in 2016. With vast experience in the installation of Tesla Powerwalls and the energy-saving products that work alongside it, PDP Services provide expert advice and will ensure that we supply best solution to meet your needs. If you are looking for a Tesla Powerwall installer near you, we supply and install supply across Sussex.

Powerwall is a home battery that stores solar energy so you can use it on demand to power your home and electric vehicle with renewable energy you control, reducing your reliance on the grid.

With solar you typically generate more clean energy than you need. By combining your solar panel system with Powerwall, a rechargeable home battery, you can store excess energy from your solar panels for use anytime—even during a power outage.

Through the Tesla mobile app, you gain full visibility and control over your self-powered home.

Benefits of a Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall battery allows you to store energy and use that energy to run your home with solar during the night and back up your home in the event of a power outage. The Tesla Powerwall is compact, safe and includes a built-in battery inverter,which provides easier integration and over-the-air updates for new features and functions.

Self-Powered Home
Use solar and a Tesla Powerwall to reduce reliance on the grid and run your home off solar day and night

Backup Power
Protect your home from a power outage with seamless and reliable backup power

Energy Savings
Reduce your electricity bill, if your utility offers a time-of-use rate plan (feature available via over-the-air update).

Home Energy Control
Manage and control your home energy use in real-time with the Tesla mobile app. Plan ahead for every season and watch your energy flow on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

To download the Tesla Powerwall 2 AC Datasheet click here.

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We are based in Burgess Hill near Brighton and Crawley, and provide Tesla Powerwall install services in the surrounding areas of West Sussex and East Sussex including:

Ardingly Danehill Lindfield
Balcombe Dial Post Lower Beeding
Bolney Ditchling Partridge Green
Burgess Hill Handcross Sayers Common
Chelwood Gate Hassocks Scaynes Hill
Christs Hospital Haywards Heath Slinfold
Copsale Hickstead Southwater
Cowfold Horsham Warninglid
Cuckfield Hurstpierpoint West Grinstead